Healthcare Consulting

Through our extensive experience and expertise, we have developed creative ideas and proprietary products that will help your organization lower costs and reduce risk.  In today's health insurance environment, the options for major medical insurance continue to narrow which is why LBA has developed products and solutions that give our clients the freedom to make their own choices. Going forward, we will continue to see dramatic changes in this marketplace and we believe that one of our greatest strengths is the ability to remain nimble and quickly pivot when necessary.


Knowing that every organization is unique, we begin each consultation by listening to your objectives so that we can understand what you want to accomplish with your benefits package. There is no one-size-fits-all for employee benefits, which is why our consultants never make recommendations prior to fully understanding your needs.

Employee benefits have always served the purpose of recruiting, retaining, and rewarding valuable employees but in today's market this has become increasingly difficult due to rising healthcare costs. At LBA we offer solutions that protect your company’s bottom-line and allow your benefits package to serve the intended purpose.



Cost Containment
Behind wages, the number one employee-related cost is employee benefits.  Any consultant can shop your plans but what we deliver is a long-term cost containment strategy.


The PPACA has not only affected companies' bottom-lines in the form of increased premiums, but it is also inundating them with the burden of increased regulations and compliance. The economic and regulatory environments have changed and companies now have a greater need for knowledgeable consultants with proven solutions.


In today’s health insurance market, employers must promote responsible consumerism within their culture.  Doing this in a manner that does not hurt your employees can be challenging. What we provide is evidence-based solutions that will improve engagement without reducing protection.


Benefits administration doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Let us show you how a benefits administration system can make HR management more efficient by centralizing activates and eliminating errors.