Finding it impossible to ignore rising healthcare premiums, increased out-of-pocket costs, and the burden of complying with ever-changing healthcare regulations? Feeling like you're missing a piece of your health insurance puzzle?

That’s exactly why we developed Alliance Secondary Insurance

Alliance Secondary Insurance is the most innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective supplemental health insurance product in the marketplace. Alliance Secondary Insurance is not a replacement for your primary coverage, but rather a supplement to your primary carrier’s health plan.. This product can be customized to work in conjunction with any primary health insurance provider in the marketplace. Simply put, Alliance Secondary Insurance pays the member’s portion of a qualified medical claim (commonly copays, deductibles, and coinsurance).  Benefits are paid directly to the healthcare providers upon submission of the patient's Itemized Bill or HCFA and the Primary Carrier's EOB.

Other benefits of Alliance Secondary Insurance:

  • Overall health insurance premiums should decrease

  • Employees will experience a dramatic reduction in their out-of-pocket expenses

  • Reduces the burden of compliance within the “Affordability Clause” of the PPACA

  • Reduces single and family rates

  • Helps employers reduce and stabilize major medical premiums by reducing claims experience

Potential Premium Savings by moving to a high deductible combined with
Alliance Secondary:

In this example, Alliance Secondary saved the employer $88, 464 annually

Alliance Secondary Potential Savings